We can never encourage one enough to construct their own home. Because number one, it is ‘their home! It is your; colors, theme, style, choice, cabinets, lighting, landscape, patio, bedroom, flooring... It’s YOURS. Because it is new it also has; latest in energy efficiency, colors, warranty, new roof, water heater, garage space, kitchen style... FACT: Homes go up in value the fastest in the first 0 to 7-years of ownership! This is the way that people make MONEY in real estate. Build a new home... sell it in six-years and build new again... Do it again...

You also have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest in technology in the areas of energy use and rain collection.

Added Value

A Park! In our recent discussions with the Village of Windsor, Revere Trails developer Mr. Randall Grobe has now donated new park lands. These lands will be south of Lot # 36 and run to the connection of Forest Park and Revere Pass.

As for the New Park, we’re going to be working directly with the Village of Windsor as to; park improvements, amenities, parking, and landscaping. The village’s plan is to eventually have a trail connection over Harbison Creek so school children and the public can enjoy the trails and study nature.