The name ‘Revere Trails’ came along during the process. As you may not know, the Pony Express would ride from the isthmus area and travel (Along Highway 19) to a spot along Token Creek (Now noted on Portage Road) and there, switch horses. We felt that in order to get this neighborhood notoriety… who was the most famous horse messenger? Therefore the name Revere Trails.

The ‘theory of development’ is to stay within the spirit of the name and make it happen throughout. IE, if you have a neighborhood that has a Frank Lloyd Wright theme (EX Middleton Hills) you name the streets after those that were his contemporaries, influences, friends… In the case of Revere Trials:

Dawes Pond

  • Was one of the 3 men that Dr. Joseph Warren instructed to ride to warn of the British invasion that night
  • He rode the most miles and warned the most people
  • Paul Revere was just better at ‘marketing’, if you will

Longfellow Court

  • Written in great respect for his poem about the fantastic night
  • Could never have a Revere Trails without the Longfellow name

Great Bridge Road

  • This is where the “British are coming!’ cry came from
  • “One if by land, Two if by sea”
  • If it were to be by land, this is where they came through Boston